Lovett Dental Lab


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“It was a pleasure for me to come to Toledo and spend time with Steve and Keith at Lovett Dental Laboratory, exchanging information and getting to know better their beautiful facility and high quality work. As a Dentist and technician it is always nice to be with people that share the same passion for this amazing profession. Congratulations for the whole team!”

Dr. Christian Coachman
São Paulo, Brazil

“For more than twenty years Lovett Dental Lab helped me grow a successful practice by providing my patients with well fitting, highly esthetic, and predictably functional restorations. As partners in progress, we learned together and grew together. Lovett Dental Lab was built on that concept, and it is a tradition that continues to create successful practices and successful restorative dentists in northwest Ohio and across the country.”

Gary M. DeWood, DDS, MS
Executive Vice President
Spear Education
Scottsdale, Arizona

“I have been using Lovett Lab for 17 years. I am the restorative dentist that I am today, in large part, because of them. I am a CE junkie; however, the day-to-day learning that takes place is invaluable. The phone calls, photos, trips to Ohio, have advanced my career in an immeasurable way. Lovett strives for excellence with every patient and uses the finest materials available. They are leaders in technology and state of the art procedures. Lovett is a small lab that knows the name of every patient on which they have a case pan! Working with Lovett is the definition of a true partnership.”

Dr. Robin Feltoon
Holly Tree Dental
Hanover, Massachusetts

“As a general dentist, I have been using Lovett Dental Lab since its inception. The quality of their work is unsurpassed by any I have seen in my thirty-some years of practice. There is rarely a need for a re-do, or even for adjustment at seating appointments. I basically schedule fifteen minutes for a crown seating appointment…that’s how accurate their restorations fit. Their knowledge of lab technique and available products is helpful in determining treatment plans for my patients. They are always informing me of the successes and pitfalls of new advances in materials. When I send patients to the lab for shade refinement and staining, they return with a great-ful smile and tell me how nice and professional the ceramists and other lab personnel were, and how impressed they were at the cleanliness of the lab. I highly respect the Lovett family as peer professionals who are always there to work with me in providing the finest treatment for my patients.”

Ken Brochin DDS
Toledo, Ohio

“Lovett Lab is outstanding in quality, service, ability and integrity. I can’t imagine practicing without them. The Lovett Lab team is a part of my team.”

Dr. Patricia LaBreck
Ypsilanti, Michigan

“Keith and Steve provide a top end product with the knowledge to back it up. They also let you pick their brains for help.”

Dr. Jim Baburek
Toledo, Ohio

“I believe that a team-centered approach delivers a successful treatment for a patient. Long term results lie not only in the hands of the restorative dentist, but also in the skill and expertise of the lab technician and his staff. The quality of work done at Lovett Lab is exceptional. I am consistently impressed with the skill level of the technicians, and there is always open communication with Keith, which is critical for success in a more complex case. I (and my patients) are consistently pleased with the work that comes out of Lovett Lab.”

Dr. Jody Freytag
Walbridge, Ohio

“I have worked with Lovett Dental Lab for more than 12 years and it has been a great relationship. The quality of the restorations is outstanding and they stand behind what they do. I have also become a better dentist because of our work together.”

Michael D. Carpenter, D.D.S.
Napoleon, Ohio